The Problem with Dark Blue and Moonlight


Dark Blue and Moonlight, a BL series from Taiwan just wrapped up all its episodes recently. To be honest, I really like this series, it has a beautiful and touching OST, the actors are all very gorgeous and the series has a very interesting love stories. Unlike Sotus where you have to wait forever for the main leads to seal everything with a kiss, Hua Quin and Yan Fei, immediately kissed the first time they met but it took couple of episodes before they meet again. All in all, this is a beautiful BL series, and a must watch BL for 2017. But here's the problem with the series, the ending does not give its viewers a fulfilling experience. I expected Hua Quin to be with Yan Fei because in one of the last scenes, Pin Jun admitted his defeat and told Yan Fei that he was thankful because it took almost two years before Yan Fei and Hua Quin meets up again, and this allowed Pin Jun that opportunity to build a relationship with Hua Quin. And then in the next scenes, Hua Quin left both guys and opt to go to the States to be with his dad. But then again, the writer wants the audience to understand that they're telling a story from a real life perspective. There's no such thing as perfect relationships. We fall in love all the time, and we also fall out of love all the time as well. But in fairness to Pin Jun, he is also a perfect boyfriend for Hua Quin, he loves him and he knows how to take care of him, even if he has to work really hard. There is the sense that in the end, the story was edited too quickly giving the audience not enough material to digest the whole plot of the series. But, again, I think this is a beautiful BL Series.  The other thing that they can do to fix the series if ever they decide to do another season is to change the hairstyles of its characters. I think Jimmy's hairstyle does not compliment his looks, I saw Jimmy in other clips where he did interviews and BL games, he really look very gorgeous in the haircut and style he use in his normal life. It doesn't make sense to change his hairstyle as it won't affect the story telling. Also, they need to update the costume of Hua Quin and Yan Fei.  Yan Fei's striped suit does not fit his looks while Hua Quin's baggy pants is just an eye sore to look at. I understand that they wanted to create this look that Hua Quin does not come from a well off family, but it's 2017, they need to understand that normal teenagers will not opt to wear mismatched outfits, and maybe the bag does not fit his looks as well. Hua Quin in the story is a very naive and depressed guy who really doesn't know what he wants in life. Maybe in the first scenes they can show him in that outfit, but in the next scenes and so on, he needs to be in a more modern and convincing outfits that will compliment his look, the actor who played Hua Quin is a really handsome guy. Yan Fei also needs to upgrade his car, as he's the owner of a company, so with a fancy home, it doesn't make sense that he's not driving a fancy car. These are little details that can really make a big difference. Other than that, the series is really something that I will watch again and love again.