5 Things you can do now to be happy


Five things you can do now to be happy:  1. Learn something new, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. How about scuba diving? learn how to hover board? baking school on weekend nights?  2. Tell your boyfriend this weekend that you would like to do nothing but just watch the sunset. Maybe a long drive by the mountain side? or an afternoon trip to the beach?  3. You'll ditch the scale, stop worrying about that cup cake you ate last night and just be happy about your body and self. Of course this doesn't mean that you're giving up on your regular exercise routines and healthy diet.  You will just show more appreciation for your body and all the efforts you're exerting for your over all health. 4. You've been saving all these months, so this weekend what's wrong with a little shopping splurge?  Buy something for yourself not just for your boyfriend.  5. You will talk to your best friend that you've been avoiding for months now. You will break the ice, and in your own small way, will try to see if you can resolve the problem. Every small steps can lead to big solutions.