4 ways to control salt in your diet


It's important to monitor the amount of salt that you consume in your daily diet. High sodium intake can lead to increase blood pressure which can affect your heart and over all health. Here's four ways to control your salt intake:  1. Read the labels of the product before buying them. Specifically compare every product as to which one has the lowest sodium levels. Usually you'll find the sodium content on the label. Buy the brand with the lowest sodium levels. 2. When eating out, tell your waiter to tell the chef to prepare the food with lesser salt than usual. 3.  Opt for fresh vegetables than frozen or canned whenever possible. But if buying frozen vegetables, study the sodium contents, usually it's better to buy a fresh frozen vegetable with zero salt contents than the vegetables with prepared seasonings.  4. Read the label of frozen entrees. You'll be surprise at the high sodium content, instead of opting for a quick microwaveables, it's really better to just prepare your dinner from scratch where you have total control of how much salt you're gonna put on your food.