Better BL To Go


We started as a BL Script site, and we launched twelve International editions, but today, BL To Go steps on a new and much simplified version. We love having international editions and we love packaging our contents to appeal to local readers globally. However, BL To Go is a very complex site, we currently have 12 All original BL Comics, each comics in order to create takes up entirely much of our time, due to limited resources, we wanted to just focus on our 12 Original BL Comics but we will continue to carry features on Health, Fitness, Tech, Relationships and anything BL. We're going back to basics, BL To Go will have a simplified version but our updates will be all through out the day as our resources are now focused on producing our Original BL Comics based on the Original BL Scripts by BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid. You can help us by spreading our links in all your social media platforms and also by clicking on our advertiser, found at the bottom of our site. Thanks again, we love you so much, BL To Go is made for all BL Lovers, wherever you are in the world!