Why you should watch Take Guy Out Thailand


Take Guy Out Thailand is another hit show from Line Tv.  Here are four reasons why you should be hooked to this series:  First, it's so fun. Take Guy Out is a dating show where one guy finds his perfect match among the show's contestants and he has tons to choose from. Second, it's a fair platform. The contestants and the guy who's searching for his date, are at equal playing field. Both has opportunities to eliminate each other, and the host gives everyone the chance to explain their decisions. Third, its a very honest show. The guy who's searching for a date reveals personal information about himself, like past experiences and thoughts on love and dating. This gives the rest of the contestants a much deeper and honest look at him, giving them more information on whether they should stick with him or opt not to date him at all. Fourth, its funny, the hosts are really great at what they're doing. This is after all a fun dating show. So check it out guys!