What to do if a BL hottie just IG Blocked you


You woke up today to check the IG of the BL actor that you've been stalking for months now ever since you discovered his Instagram, but to your extreme horror, you can't see any of his IG post, although his profile pic is still visible. You went to Google to ask whether you've been blocked or not, which in seconds Google confirmed, you're definitely so IG blocked. So what steps should you take next?  First off, if you need to scream or go on major tantrum, do so regardless whether your BL feel bf is still sleeping next to you. It's important to let all your emotions out, nothing is more painful in life than to be Instagram blocked by the person you care so much, particularly your favorite BL hottie. Second, if necessary, wake your Bf up, and explain to him what just happened. And if he went like, BL what? Just ignore him, he has no idea what BL and everything BL is all about, you have no time to explain that to him right now, the important thing is to deal with your current panic. Third, analyze the situation that you're in right now. Certainly you can't just book a flight to Bangkok just so you can find your Thai BL actor and personally beg him to IG unblock you with a promise that you won't go IG crazy on him like you always do, point in example, endless IG comments, and non-stop hearting to the point that you can't even see his face whenever he goes IG live as you totally flood it with IG hearts. So what to do next? Should you make an international call to Thailand so you can talk to his manager which of course you know the number as duh, it's posted on his IG profile which lucky you is still visible even though you're technically IG blocked, or should you contact his BL love team and beg him, in behalf of you to talk to your BL hottie so he can unblock you?  Well, honestly, here's the best thing to do right now:  To take a deep breath. It's only 4 am, I mean who checks their IG at 4 in the morning? Go back to sleep next to your Bf and when you wake up in the morning, maybe things might have changed. Who knows, the BL actor that you've been obsessing about actually just mistakenly blocked you, and in the morning when you check his profile again, you will immediately see his latest updates: two new posts that he did, seconds earlier. But, if in the morning, you're still blocked. Look at your BF who at that time probably is still sleeping next to you. Don't you think that he matters in the bigger picture, because he's right there beside you and he's real?