What is June Mag and how is it related to BL?


June Magazine is actually a BL or Yaoi Magazine, first published in 1978, and it went through different forms until it ceased publication in 2012 and around Feb 2013 launched its final issue.  June is more like an underground, very tailored and specific to a certain audience kinda publication that focuses on readers submitted stories, but its very significant to the current BL industry because that magazine had created the BL culture and interest that young readers and BL lovers today are very familiar with. Without June Magazine, technically there will be no BL industry so Bl series like Make it Right, Sotus, Waterboyy, Together with Me and other similar popular BL series right now will not be backed with the rich history of the BL genre.  The BL genre is definitely here to stay with loyal followers and BL creators that are continuously churning interesting and entertaining BL series that will always keep its audience engaged.