Laundry Teddy, Scene 3


Welcome to Ugly Teddy's Scene 3. For this scene, there's a lot of interesting characters. First off, Teddy rushed to the men's room as Roger and his two buddies follows him. In this scene, Roger was introduced as Teddy's bully, who makes fun of him and gets away with it. Not only that, I also revealed in this scene that Roger benefits from Teddy because he gets free laundry service. So Roger has two new buddies, he again bullies his way to Teddy by forcing Teddy to give free laundry service to his two buddies. Teddy's love interest Drew is introduced in this scene. At first he appeared to be very snobbish but at the end of the scene when he gave Teddy a surprise kiss. It showed that for some reason, he got attracted to Teddy the first time he laid eyes on him. Teddy is not aware of this. And probably at this point Drew is still processing everything.