Laundry Teddy, Scene 2


For Scene 2, I'm trying to give the viewers a more detailed look of Teddy and what he does. When not at school he goes around the student dorm to deliver and pick up their laundry. The laundry is wrapped on a cloth fabric, they're really heavy and very cumbersome to carry around from room to room. My inspiration for Teddy is a friend back at college, this is how she pays for her tuition fee by washing her dorm mates clothes. For Teddy, this is a matter of survival, this is how he and his mom gets by in life from paying for his school, their rent and meals. Basically, Teddy delivers the laundry, gets paid for and picks up a new load of laundry. It's a very routine job for Teddy that is why he gives a very tired exhausting look for this scene. Roger, a school bully was introduced in this scene. After Teddy's quick chat with two students who's also his laundry clients, Roger and his buddies saw Teddy, still sitting by the hallway, next to piles of laundry bag. At that time Teddy is taking a break from hauling all those laundry, this is meant to be a funny scene as Roger rush towards Teddy and Teddy, all shocked up rushed to hide from Roger. Both characters ends up in the nearby mens room. And this scene takes the story to a confrontation with Roger and the introduction of Drew,  Teddy's love interest.