Laundry Teddy- Scene 1


So who is Ugly Teddy? In Scene 1, Teddy is introduced as a very regular looking guy with some issues with regards to his appearance, particularly his messed up hair style which gives an unkempt look, he has his own peculiarities like he likes to line his teeth with toothpaste, and he's very obsessed as to what other people thinks of him that is why he has to motivate himself so he feels good about himself because when out in public, he feels that people are always laughing behind his back, as he's always the subject of ridicule simply because of what he looks like. His mom, Sylvia was introduced as a very fun and loving mother. Her husband left her when Teddy was young. This scene is also important because it tells the audience on what Teddy and his mom does for a living, which is, they run their own laundry business. Teddy goesaround the student dorm to pick up and deliver their laundry. Most of their clienteles are students. At the end of the scene Teddy suggested buying a washing machine to make things much easier. This is the way I want the audience to understand that this is a very labor intensive business as they hand wash every single clothes.