What to do if your BL Feel BF just dumped you


The day you never imagined had arrived, and there he is your BL feel BF standing in front of you, you've seen this scene over and over again in most BL films, the only difference is, it's you who's been dumped. So what to do?  Grow Up. Your BF might be BL cute but he's not really all that. Think of this as a growing up opportunity. You got hurt. Deal with it like a grown up should. Tell yourself you're going to be ok. And take actions so you'll be on the road to ok. Take a breather. Take time off from work. Go out with close friends. Watch a movie. Spend time with your mom and dad. In moments like this, time with family always matters. It makes you realize that people that really matters are sometimes those that you pay less attention to. Add something new to your life. You got dumped. You got hurt.  But it doesn't mean that happiness will end with him, simply because if there is one person in the world that deserves to be happy, its you. When you're ready, go out there and go out with someone special. First dates are always exciting, who knows, it can lead to more future dates.