Seven Questions to ask Tul Pakorn


Trapped in the elevator with Together with Me cutie, Tul Pakorn? Here are 7 questions that you can ask him that is if you'll be able to snap out of the fact that you're stuck in the elevator with one of the hottest Thai actor these days.

1. Why is your hair perfect all the time? Any hair style tips you want to share?

2. Aside from Sushi, as we know you love Japanese foods, what's your other most favorite food that you simply can't live without?

3. Most memorable experience you had with Max while doing the shoot for Together with Me?

4. If there is one thing that you hate and love about your character Knock at Together with Me and Bad Romance, what is it, and why?

5. Who's your favorite architectural designer and what do you admire most about his or her design style?

6.  What motivates you in life Tul?

7. Your dream character role that you like to play sometime soon?

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