Why she's the BL Audience


The BL genre was first created by women to cater to the female audience, and this was back in the 70's,  fast forward to 2017, is the BL demographics still the same? Yes, as it had always been. Even though there are also tons of loyal BL male fans, the female audience still dominates the BL demographics. Why? Because the female audience relates and connects with the BL male leads and their romantically intriguing complicated BL story.  The female audience loves to see a guy in the bl film as he explores his feelings and emotions, something that they want and wished that their real life boyfriend, husband or love interest would do more. They view the BL film as a creative distraction where they can focus on the gorgeous male leads as he goes through the BL dynamics, they love happy endings which the current BL movies are trending on, but they don't object to sad endings, as they rationalize the story, that its something that's bound to happen.  In a traditional romance story lines, the girl in the picture is seen by the female audience as their competition for the male leads, enter the BL genre with two male leads, the audience has two clear choices. The female market also sees the BL genre as an equal playing field where both male leads are not required to conform to gender differences and expectations. The relationships in a standard BL movie are always complicated there's so many types of love involve, there's forbidden love, secret love, jealous love and more, which always perfectly engages the female audiences.