Three Reasons why BL is here to Stay


Bl is definitely here to stay. Here are three reasons why the BL genre will continue to exist:

1. The BL concept is not a new idea, this industry had been around since the 70's, and in the past years, the BL genre appears to be gearing more towards the mainstream audiences. The continued growth of this genre and its successful history proved that BL is definitely unbreakable and will survive the test of time.

2. Highly addictive plots that its audiences can relate to. Once you start a BL series, it engages you to follow every episodes. Think of BL as a Spanish telenovela, the main difference is that you know at the end of the series the two male leads will kiss each other.

3. High Female demographics. BL continues to attracts the female market, this came as no surprise as the BL genre are geared towards the female audience. These are loyal demographics, that will engage and connect with the BL platforms.