Three BL by Choco Tv


Last February, Taiwan's Choco Tv shocked the BLverse with the launch of not only one but three major BL Films featuring unique team ups in three different films,  My Hero, Stay away from me and Obsessed. In My Hero,  Mai Yingxiong played by Lai Dongxian is going through a terrible heartache with the loss of his girlfriend. His girlfriend's soul went through Gu Si Ren's body played by Jiang Yunlin, who also passed away, shortly after her accident. A spiritual friend helped Mai's girlfriend make the transition to Gu Si Ren's body, now the conflict starts, how can she explain everything to his boyfriend, will she ever adjust to a male's body and to top it off in she needs to make Mai fall in love with her in order that she can be with him again, but how can that be possible when she's in Gu Si Ren's body, OMG?  Stay Away from me is my personal favorite, simply because actors Wu Chengjing and Song Baiwei has a strong chemistry together. Song plays the part of Fenghe who is tasked of taking care of his celebrity step brother Cheng Qing played by Wu. Now the question is will they kiss? Lastly, Obsessed played by Ren Youcheng and Mori Jun has a beautiful storyline, it's about how far will you take love and what you're willing to do and sacrifice in order to win it.  The series has a beautiful OST, truly worth watching and these three BL Films are one of the best BL movies ever produced this year. Congratulations Choco Tv!