Five BL words to know


Five BL words that you should know by now:   BLverse, think of it like the entire BL fans, BL celebrities and everyone that loves BL all packed in one room.  BLcitement, that's what happens when you're doing an IG binge all day and suddenly your favorite BL actor went live and you're like, OMG I can't believe it, I can finally send him a heart and you kept on pressing the heart icon at live IG until he noticed that you're acting weird and he suddenly IG blocks you, what happens next is called BLoooed, it's the BL version of being booed in public. If you had seen most BL movies and are totally glued in every episodes of Make it Right or Together with Me, and seven months later you're still obsessing over ChocoTv's Obsessed movie, you're definitely BLaddicted and if you're spending all your waking hours commenting and liking all the post of the BL actor that you're crushing on, you're definitely the perfect BLalker, which is like stalking running on a BL adrenaline.