BL On the go Essentials


Are you ready to rock like your favorite BL Superstars while you're out hanging with friends or just going solo? Here's a checklist of BL On the Go must haves:  your mobile for a quick IG check on your BL crush, its cool to carry your phone on a protective case for security and fashion. Wristwatch, to make sure that you won't miss the BL episode that you're watching online at your laptop which also serves as back up just in case you drop your phone. While out at Starbucks, keep a journal handy for those last minute thoughts so you can cleverly leave a creative comment on his latest Instagram post, of course you will need a wallet so you can pay for your coffee, and while at the cashier do a quick check just in case your BL crush hearted your IG comment, if he did, wear your shades like you own the entire BLverse, don't forget your eyewear case by the table, just in case your BL crush left you a message and quickly asked you if you wanna meet up at the next door bar!

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