Thailand leads the BL Global Phenomenon


Line TV of Thailand recently launched Together with Me, the prequel to its recently concluded series Bad Romance.  The series features Bad Romance male leads Korn and Knock but this time around at Together with Me, they are the focal point of the series. You can follow the latest on this series at their IG @togetherwithmetheseries, Tul and Max, Thai actors, who are both equally gorgeous and fit not to mention are truly a perfect match for each other,  plays both leads at Together with Me. They had garnered loyal fans not only in Thailand but also in other countries like Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Taiwan. Together with Me is a great example of how a BL series can click with its audience, by following the BL formula of having highly attractive male leads, an interesting plot, a female character that will create the tension among the lead characters, in this series it is Pleng, she's the love interest of Knock. Yihwa is another character in the series, she continues her role at Bad Romance as Korn's loyal and trusted friend. The actress who plays this part really understand the depth of her role, she's very funny, as she shines in every scenes.  Thailand in the past year had launched other successful BL series and movies like Sotus, Waterboyy, Make it Right, and a full length film Fathers. These amazing BL Films and breathtaking performances of Thai Actors and the directors, writers and film staffs behind each series truly proves that Thailand has positioned itself as the global leader of the BL film genre.