So what is Boys Love basically?


Boys Love or BL had been around since the 90's. This term is usually use to describe fictional works that revolves around romantic male on male relationships. Historically, BL can be traced back in the 1970's when its concept was first introduced in Japanese Manga fiction novels, BL is also referred to as Yaoi although when you go deeper into the details on what makes Yaoi a Yaoi and BL a BL, you will notice that there's alot of fine differences in its details. BL fictional works are primarily written by women, and has the classic BL theme of handsome young guys falling in love.  In the earlier BL fictional works, most endings are sad, but lately writers are opting for happy endings. What makes BL Movies, Tv and Web series relevant and geared to captivate more audiences and followers worldwide is that these movies and series are designed to target the young female demographics by featuring gorgeous young male leads highlighting their romantic sides and expressing their feelings in a way that their primary audience can really relate. The interesting trend in BL today is that it not only romanticizes the relationships between two guys and it challenges the mainstream audience by making them realize that regardless of gender and orientation, love is indeed love.