What to do if your BF is a Mama's boy


One thing to bear in mind is that he knew his mom even before he met you. With that said, you have to understand the tough situation that you're in. He will always prioritize his mom over you. So how do you deal with this situation?  1. Hang out with his mom, so both of you will get to know each other. By becoming friends with his mom, you're sending this message to her that she shouldn't feel threatened at all. Her son will always put her on top of his list.  2. You have to be honest with your bf about how you feel with certain things or events that happened between you which involved his mom as well. Communicate to your bf effectively that your job here is not to break his deep and strong relationship with his mom, but to work closely with both of them so everyone's happy and integrated.  3. Help your bf set a clear boundaries between you and his mom. It's important for him to understand that you're here for the long term, so your long term goal of living harmoniously with his mom is also a major priority for you.