Four Tips to Calm your Over excited dog


Is your dog mega hyper each time you arrive home from work or school? Four tips to calm your over excited dog:   1. if your pet is in an over excited mode, avoid touching him, or calling his name or even talking to him. As he loves to get your attention all the time, he will associate his over excited behavior to something that you technically are not fond of.  2.  When your dog quiets down, then this is the time to pop the dog treats, he will view this as a reward for his down time.  3. Don't be over dramatic. The more you scream or go mega crazy each time your dog gets super hyper, the more you're actually encouraging him to be more hyper. Translation: Stay calm and focused.  4. Play with your dog regularly, it will give him the exercise and change of pace. Rotate his dog toys, and from time to time buy a new one.