Yes, there's a thing called BL Cafe


As they always said, whatever the mind can conceive, Japan had already achieved it. If you're visiting Japan, do an online research to find out where the BL cafe's are. Yup, you heard that right, there are BL themed cafes in Japan. So how does this works? Well think of it like a regular coffee place with a twist, it has a school theme, which means the coffee crews are all geared and dressed up in their school uniforms. Expect to see blackboards, collections of Boys Love comic books, and yes Pockies. Depending on the BL cafe's you go to, each has their own unique activities, one thing that's common though is that its a membership perks system, which means you're charged per hour. Usually you're not allowed to exchange contact numbers with the other BL Cafe customers, but you can interact with them and share your BL stories, film favorites and experiences.