Motivate yourself to Exercise, Six tips


Six tips to motivate yourself to work out, and by that we mean, really work out.  1. Get yourself a work out gear. And wear this only during your work out. When you see those clothes at your closet, visualize the last time you had a work out and how great you feel.  2. Join fitness groups, it's nice and fun to hang out with people that shares your interest. Why not invite some of those that you're close with for a group exercise team ups?  3. Challenge yourself to do cardio, glute exercises, abdominal strengthening and other exercises by following a set plan and sticking to your workout goals.  4. Watch You tube videos of fitness experts, learn their techniques, and integrate their tips that you think are functional and applicable in your individual workout situation. 5. Reward yourself for a well deserved workout session. Think of activities and things that you know will perk you up.  6. Stare at yourself in the mirror. Study the profile of that person looking back straight at you. Don't you think he looks more happier, fitter and really great each time he finished a work out session?