Four Tips to deliver the Killer Best Man speech


So your best buddy's getting married? Lucky you, you're his best man, and yes with that distinction comes responsibility, guess what? Did anybody told you that you also have to deliver the speech at the wedding reception. 4 Tips to a killer Best Man speech:  1. Start with a joke to break the ice and get your audience engaged. Mention a particular funny story when you and your best buddy and his bride hanged out together, and by funny, it has to be really funny, even if you have to twist the story and exaggerate a little bit.  2. Congratulate the bride and groom, and talk about yourself and the difficulties of being a single guy watching your best buddy walk that aisle. End this part with another joke, this time geared towards your best buddy, it should be that point in time before he met his future bride. Use this moment to talk to his bride and tell her how wonderful your best buddy is, deliver this in a way that it's not too serious but more lighter to touching.  3. Compliment the parents of the bride and groom. If you met them before the wedding or right during the wedding, think of a funny exchange that happened between you and them. Use this moment to congratulate them.  4. End with a toast to the bride and groom, and reach under your pocket to grab your phone, rush towards where the bride and groom are sitting, and do a selfie with them and post it immediately to your IG.