5 Easy steps to ditch smoking


Want to resist the urge to smoke? Not only can you control your urge to smoke but you can also ditched it. Here's 4 easy steps:  First, delay the urge to smoke. That means if you're really trying to quit smoking and it's been four hours now since you last had a smoke, control that urge by delaying it for another 20 minutes, how?  Do something that will distract your attention, like watch a movie at a theater, drive around town, go out and meet friends. Second, work with your doctor to find a nicotine replacement system that will work for you. This involves trial and error as you test whether nicotine patches, prescription meds that helps you stop smoking and other nicotine alternatives will work for you. Third, stop the smoking triggers around you, avoid going to places which will tempt you to smoke more like crowded bars and company of smoker friends, remove all the cigarettes in your house including the ones that you're trying to stash and hide for hurricane emergencies, and throw all those ash trays away.  Fourth, have a plan. Write down your goals and ways on how you can accomplish those goals. Studies after studies revealed that most smokers who were able to control the habit actually did it successfully by themselves.  Fifth, have the support of family and friends on board. You need them for cheers and motivation.

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