Why Advance Bravely Yuan Zong is a perfect BF, 4 reasons


Love Advance Bravely?  Here's 4 reasons why Yuan Zong is a perfect BF and Xia Yao is super lucky to have him. First, Yuan knows how to cook, even Xia's mom was impressed when he converted the lotus roots into an amazing plate.  Second, Yuan is super protective of Xia, he will do anything to keep Xia safe all the time including from Xia's male and female admirers. Third, Yuan is funny and thoughtful. When Xia got hungry while they're on the road trip towards the river, Yuan came fully prepared with all of Xia's favorite snacks by hiding everything inside his jacket, when Xia asked him why not place those snacks inside the bag, Yuan was like, because I want you to have a comfortable ride.  Fourth, what is not to love about Yuan, he is super attractive and mega gorgeous?