Laundry Teddy, Scene 8


For Scene 8, Teddy returns home with three laundry loads of Drew.  So he immediately went to work and started washing Drew's clothes. Remember, this is their business. Aside from Drew's clothes, the whole house of Teddy is filled with laundry stuffs from other customers. It's totally Laundry overload! Sylvia, his mom asked him if he had eaten yet, Teddy said that it's ok, he's not really hungry. Connecting the scene with Lauren at Drew's dorm room. Teddy asked his mom if he's really ugly. This revealed that Teddy deep inside was bothered. He feels that he's really ugly and this is the reason why Drew is not fully connecting with him. This kick starts the mother in Sylvia, she consoled Teddy. And as Teddy returns to work, washing Drew's clothes, he kinda mentioned Drew's name. This raise a red flag with Sylvia. At this point, I'm asking the audience a question, does Teddy's mom knew Drew? And if so, how? But then this brief moment is forgotten as Teddy's phone rings and it was Drew calling him. Drew was actually standing in front of Teddy's house. His car was parked on the opposite street. So Drew was like, come out. Teddy was like, what are you doing here?  Drew reverted to the normal Drew who is kinda bossy, and serious. So Drew told Teddy to get inside his car. Teddy was like, I'm not getting inside your car, for what? But before he can either figure out what's happening, Teddy found himself being hauled inside Drew's car. I'm injecting the classic BL moment wherein one of the lead will carry the other guy on his back. So this is that scene. But it's executed in a funny way, because it happens so fast, suddenly Teddy finds himself inside Drew's car and suddenly they're on the road.