Laundry Teddy, Scene 7


Scene 7 is all about Teddy and his best friend, Lauren.  This scene is a bonding moment for Lauren and Teddy. I want the audience to see that Lauren is indeed Teddy's best friend, despite the fact that she's really pretty and very popular, and yet with Teddy, she's just Lauren, his best friend. Lauren had always been attracted to Drew, but as the scene progress, she realized that Drew will always be a dream for her even though deep inside she knew that Drew and her will look perfect together.  This scene is really funny, Lauren plays around Drew's room after Teddy got his keys so he can pick up his laundry. So Lauren took selfies all over Drew's place while in real time, she's also posting it at her Instagram. There's also a scene where Teddy is all over the floor, picking up Drew's clothes, which apparently, Drew as gorgeous as he really kinda messy. So Lauren threw Drew's boxer towards Teddy who catched it on an impulse while Lauren simultaneously snapped a photo of Teddy catching Drew's boxer. The scene also revealed that people are actually watching them in real time, as Lauren gathered lots of likes on that shot. It was not revealed whether Drew knew what was going on, or if he's also checking Lauren's Instagram feed. The scene has a sweet ending where Lauren and Teddy took a selfie by Drew's bathroom mirror. This revealed this strong bond between Lauren and Teddy.