Six signs that your BF has a secret


I mean, it's not like you're being a dictator or something, of course your bf has rights to his own privacy. But what if he's hiding something from you which totally affects your relationship as this time around, whatever secret he had or not have will totally impact you as well?  Six signs that he has a secret:  One, because your gut feel says so. You know how it is when deep inside you know you're right, and yet you dismissed those thoughts, sometimes when you downplay that inner voice, are usually times that you have to listen and take another look.  Two, he's obviously acting weird. Like when you go out with him, he seems very stressed out and always on a panicky state. Something like, he's not comfortable being with you.  Three, when you pointed out these behavior changes which you think he's been doing lately, he suddenly stiffens up and becomes defensive. Four, you noticed that he's more quieter than usual. And he seems to isolate himself more from everyone, including you. When you asked him if something's wrong, he immediately snapped back to reality and act more normal. Something like, he did not realized that he's not aware of what he's actually doing that's observable in real time.  Five, he deactivated his Facebook and it seems that he blocks you from his Instagram. This is a clear sign that he has issues, my guess is it involved someone from his social media. Six, he doesn't want you to hang out with his friends. It seems like he's trying to create this wall so you won't have access to his close friends, which is weird because normally, you all hang out together usually every couple of weeks.