Make Him Swim, Scene 2


I think Scene 2, sets the tone of the entire story.  Make Him Swim is not Ugly Teddy and Dear Mister Heart, its actually a light drama. If this scene was made for Ugly Teddy, then this scene will really be funny. But Make Him Swim takes a more serious tone. So in this scene, Chai stops by the locker room of the varsity players. When he got to the room, there are three swimmers who started teasing him, thinking that he's one of those crazy swim fans. Tawat was introduced in this scene. He came very strong on Chai, he's very flirty to the point that he got really up close and personal with Chai. He drags him to the shower area and he started kissing Chai. It was quick, it was intense. And that's when Lem shows up. I think the tensions between Lem and Tawat are very strong in this scene. And immediately the audience is aware that Make Him Swim is a love triangle story. But with lots of twists and surprises!