5 Tips when buying your next phone


Before heading to the store to upgrade your Android or iPhone, read on as you might pick up some valuable pointers:  First, ask yourself if you're satisfied with your screen size, how about your phone's brand and design,  go much deeper, are you happy with the resolution and function of your current phone? If you are, then stick to your current phone size and brand.  Second, don't change phone carriers as much as you can, stick with the flagship carriers, unless you really find a really sweet deal. But remember to read between the fine lines. And rethink again before starting a new contract with a new carrier. Remember with experience comes knowledge. You've been through a lot with your current carrier, by starting a new one, that means you'll be on a new foreign territory, particularly with regards to their service and how they handle the complains or problems that might arise later on. Third, once everything is iron out, before you even leave the store to quickly check the sale at Zara, go back to the clerk and run through the info and details regarding your new phone and contract again. Fourth, when selecting your phone, check for how it fits in your hands, open the apps on that phone, gauge the response time of the phone as you switch from one apps to another, also open the camera and see if its better than your previous ones.  Fifth, as boring as they are ask for the specs of the phone and ask the store clerk to explain them to you. You'll be surprised that even though those stuffs might sound too techy for you, they're actually valuable info to know as they're great guides in your buying decision.

TechJason VonderheidComment