Part Two: Interview with Drew and Teddy!


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BLTG: "Now Drew and Teddy, let's talk about the kiss...."

Drew: "What kiss?"

Teddy:  "Yeah, what kiss?  ha ha"

BLTG: "Let me refresh both of you, that kiss happened in Scene 3, Drew tell me, why did you kissed Teddy?"

Drew: "Oh that one....I guess, it's because he challenged me, I'm the type of person that when someone challenge me, I tend to stiffen up a little bit and just to prove my point, I will stand my ground."

Teddy: "What happened on that scene was that, as he exits the men's room, he made this quick turn, he bumps into my shoulder and before I can even react, there's his face right in front of mine, so what else is there to do, than to kiss?"

BLTG: "Tell me Teddy, how does it feel to kiss the hottest guy in school?"

Teddy:  "It took me by surprise when he did that, I don't think I even felt his kiss, because it happened so fast."

Drew: "It's a fast forward type of kiss."

BLTG: "Will there be more kisses on future scenes?"

Teddy: "That they have to find out. But I can tell you right now, it's gonna be more than a kiss."

BLTG: "That certainly will be worth the wait, moving forward, Teddy,  let's talk about Lauren. Who is Lauren?"

Teddy: "Lauren is my best friend, she's very pretty and she's a cheer leader. She was introduced in Scene 6 when she arrived late from class."

Drew: "He's cheating during the exam, he tried to copy my answers."

Teddy: "I'm not like cheating, I'm just not sure of my answers. Unlike Lauren who did not even bother to read the questions. No wonder the teacher tore her paper in half"

BLTG: "Let's talk about that teacher, so she's in her 80's and there's this part where she literally picked you and your chair up in the air and moved you to the front of the class, how was it even possible that she was able to do that?"

Drew: "Superwoman."

Teddy: "I think that was a really funny scene, I enjoyed doing that scene. She's really funny, because she looks very frail and yet she can pick me up and even throw me all over the place."

BLTG: "Are you that light Teddy that an 80 year old woman can literally carry you off your feet?"

Drew: "He's light as a feather."

BLTG: "For real?"

Teddy: "We should be doing some piggyback riding soon."

Drew: "Yeah, we should, its a traditional BL moments that should be present in all BL films"

BLTG: "Scene 6 ends with you Drew giving your keys to Teddy so he can take care of your laundry, is that the only reason why you gave Teddy your keys?"

Drew: "I think subconsciously, there's really more to it. I think this is my way of telling Teddy, that hey, I think I kinda like you."

BLTG: "So let's wrap up, thank you Teddy and Drew for doing the interview with us. Why don't you invite our readers to check out the launched Scenes for Ugly Teddy?"

Teddy: "Thanks for all your support. And to go back to the scenes that you've missed, simply scroll down, and you'll find this tiny search icon in yellow, click on that, it will open a search bar and just type in, Ugly Teddy.  This will open a list of all the scenes, from 1 to 6"

Drew: "Thank you for having us here. And also guys you can use the site's contact form if you have questions for us, and we'll get back to answering those questions. Love you guys. Thank you!"

BLTG: "There you have it, Teddy and Drew from Jason Vonderheid's Original Script Series, Laundry Teddy, Scenes 1 to 6 launched now exclusively at BL TO GO!"