Dear Mister Heart, Scene 1


Dear Mister Heart Scene 1 is designed to be a very funny scene. First off,  this scene introduces the main character, Carlos. He's in his mid 30's, so he had a boyfriend, Gabriel who's a surgeon and is in early 40's.  They have been boyfriends for four years now, each year Carlos is expecting that Gabriel will ask the big question: Will you marry me?  But it didn't happen. So that was a special night for Carlos. Since he realized, on his own, probably, Gabriel will never really ask him for marriage, so he needs to take things to the next level and ask Gabriel himself the big "Will you marry me?" question. So he's at this restroom practicing how exactly he will propose including his multiple reactions to Gabriel's answer. He expected Gabriel to say yes as why wouldn't he, they never fought, everything is going well with them plus they have a solid four years relationship. So after going through his reactions from exaggerated, dramatic, detached to teenagey reactions, he sensed that four women are looking straight at him through the rest room mirror, that's when he realized that he's at a wrong restroom, he's not at the mens room. The women gave Carlos a very pissed off look. This scene is meant to end on a really funny note.