5 Things that you can do now to get your BF back


After crying over the breakup for weeks now, you finally was able to get your act together, and that's when it hits you, to your sheer shock, you still want your bf back. So what to do?  First, ask yourself if this is really what you want. I mean, if he doesn't love you anymore why do you have to force him to feel something that he doesn't feel or want to feel anymore? You have to be certain that you really want to get him back. Because if you can't convince yourself that you'll win him back, chances are you won't win him back.  Second, work a plan out wherein, you'll create a platform where you and him can talk about the issues, events and things which probably caused the break up.  Third, give your bf more space, don't pressure him to make a decision on the spot. Give him time to figure things out and see where he's at emotionally towards you. Fourth, while you're waiting for him, focus on positive things so you you're prepared on whatever decisions he takes. Get yourself a new hobby, attend a new class, try out a new sport, or just hang out with your friends, even though deep inside you really don't feel like socializing right now because you're really emotionally drained these days. Fifth, if you bf decides that its over. Accept his decision. Don't contact him again, give him the space that he needs and wants. You'll be surprise, sometimes, periods of no contact, will make him realize how important you are in his life, you'll never know, he might turn around and reverse his decision. Remember relationship is always a two way process. You can't monopolize it as it always takes two to tango.