Three excuses to tell your bf if you don't want to move in


For months now your bf kept on pestering you to move in with him. So what are three excuses that you can tell him so you won't hurt him at the same time, it will give you more time to figure out where you stand on this moving in thing.  First, tell him that probably the best move to do right now is simply what you've been doing stay overs but this time for more days. Instead of telling your bf that definitely moving in with him is not on the top of your list, you actually compromised, by giving more stay over days time with him.  Second, talk financial. Tell your bf that currently you're stuck with the lease on your apartment, and it's just not logical to abandon it right now.  Third, use his apartment's location as a reason, from the fact that its far from your school or workplace. And that your apartment is near your mom's place.