Part One: Interview with Drew and Teddy!


Hi everyone! Welcome to Part One of our exclusive Behind the Scenes Interview with our Laundry Teddy couple, Drew and Teddy.

BLTG:  "Is it to early to call you a couple right now?"

Teddy: "I don't know, what do you think Drew?"

Drew: "Well, we only just launched the first six scenes yet at the BL To go site, so probably calling us a couple is still way too early....who knows later, it will be for real."

BLTG: "Are you saying that both of you will end up as a couple in this BL series?"

Teddy: "That they have to find out. Maybe or Maybe not. Who knows what will happen."

BLTG: "Ok since both of you won't really kiss and tell, let's move on. Teddy. Tell us why you're Ugly Teddy, I mean are you really that ugly, you don't look ugly to me right now."

Drew: "Oh he's really ugly when he was doing most of the scenes, believe me he is. No! LOL! I'm just kidding."

Teddy: "I don't know why I'm being teased all the time at school that I'm Ugly Teddy. I don't think I'm really that ugly. Maybe, I'm just not good in grooming myself, maybe because I go out, I go to school with my hair all messed up, it's for the viewers to decide if I'm really ugly. Or maybe I'm just not paying much attention to myself that much, so I look more disheveled to put it bluntly."

BLTG: "Let's turn to you, Drew in that scene where you first saw Teddy being bullied by Roger, what was going on in your mind at that time?"

Drew: "To be honest,  I really don't know. It happened so fast. I actually just glared at Roger and his friends, which prompted them to release Teddy and leave the room."

Teddy: "That simple scene was actually the turning point of the whole story, I had always known Drew, and secretly I've always been attracted to him, I mean look at him, who wouldn't be attracted to him."

Drew: "Ha ha....thanks, my enemies perhaps?"

BLTG: "I'm intrigued, so Drew you have an enemy?"

Drew: "I do...I do...but I can't reveal him or her yet as those scenes are not yet launched, remember we are only on Scenes 1 to 6....Lol"

BLTG: "You mentioned, him or her, you mean you have two enemies in this story, are they all rooting for Teddy?"

Teddy: "Not exactly, one of them totally hates me, the other...I don't know is he your enemy Drew?"

Drew: "Well, when I saw you at the bar with him getting cozy and all that, I got really jealous with Roger."

BLTG: "Did you just revealed your enemy Drew, one of them is Roger. Is this the same Roger that bullied and should I say bluntly, groped Teddy at the mens room."

Drew: "Oooops....I guess, I'm not really allowed to mention his name, sorry. But anyway, I think the viewers will find his character to be really interesting, there will be a twist to him."

Teddy: "I personally like that twist to."

BLTG: "Moving on, Teddy lets talk about your mom, Sylvia and what you both do."

Teddy: "See these hands. This is what washing tons of clothes looks like.  Ha ha ha!  When my dad left me and my mom when I was young, this laundry business is the one that kept my mom and I alive. It pays for all the bills, including rent and my school. So it's very important for me."

BLTG: "Yeah, but in Scene 1, you kinda hinted that you're sick of doing other people's laundry."

Drew: "That was a funny scene, I like how they ended the scene with Sylvia telling Teddy, we don't need to buy a washing machine, 'cause we have hands. Ha ha ha."

BLTG: "Drew, let's talk about you...was it hard being the coveted leading man in this BL?"

Drew: "I actually like my character, because given that he's very gorgeous like me in real life, ha ha ha...he actually has a soft spot. Even though, he always appear initially as very snobbish and hard to get, in reality, he isn't."

Teddy: "Yeah, he lets me eat those soups and barbecues, he won't touch any of those foods. What a waste of money..ha ha ha."

BLTG: "That's the part where you both went out on a date right, how did that happen?"

Drew: "Well, Teddy wants to thank me for rescuing him from bullies, Roger and his friends, so he was like, come on, lets eat out, my treat, you'll save a lot of money 'cause the food's free."

BLTG: "But you did not eat anything? Don't you think that's kinda insulting for Teddy. Remember he doesn't have much money, I'm sure he spend alot to just go out with you?"

Drew: "I think, sometime after during that scene, I realized that I'm in the wrong. I should not have treated Teddy like that, he just wants to do something nice for me."

BLTG: "Hold on right there. There's more to come when we return on our next post as our interview continues with Ugly Teddy couple, Drew and Teddy as they sit down with us for an exclusive Behind the Scenes interview with the new Script Series here at BL To Go, Laundry Teddy from Bl Scriptwriter Jason Vonderheid."