Make Him Swim, Scene 1


Scene 1 of Make Him Swim introduces the main character, Chai. He's a very bright student, he works for the University so he can get scholarship benefits. So, in this scene, Principal Surak called him in to his office where the swimming coach, Niko was also there. They offered him a job which is to help Lem, the university varsity star swimmer with his studies as even though Lem brings medals to the school, he still needs to pass his academic requirements. In return, Chai doesn't need to work at the school's library and admissions department. Principal Surak encouraged Chai to take the tutoring job with Lem, and deep inside Chai is actually excited to take this job as Lem is not only very popular but he's really a very gorgeous guy. At the end of the scene, Chai smiles which tells the audience that he took the new job.