Five Tips when buying your first suit


Ready to buy your first suit?  Here are Five tips to get your started:  1. Don't be afraid to ask the help of the store clerk, he deals with suits all the time, he also has a deeper and wider experience when it comes to suits and how it should fit and look on people. He can guide you on what brand to choose, and which style fits you the best. Work with him in choosing the perfect suit for you.   2. Two quick things to remember, you have to show at least 1/4 of an inch shirt cuff, and the jacket of the suit that you like should at least reach the base of your thumb. The other thing to remember is that the suit's shoulder pad should not hang off your shoulder. It should give you a perfect seamless and comfortable look. If you don't feel comfortable wearing couple of suits as you feel it doesn't fit well. Don't over stress yourself, go out and try another batch. Buying a suit is not like buying a shirt where you know your size and how it fits with you. This is a time consuming situation, but the efforts at the end are worth it when you see yourself in your perfect first suit.  3. Go with the colors you're comfortable with. Simple navy color and light to neutral grays are a good start. It's easy to match with any shirt that you already own or are back there sitting at your closet. 4. Learn the difference between the suit fabrics:  Wool, Linen and Polyester.   Wool tends to be the most popular fabric, it breathes well and gives you a sharp look.  Linen, meanwhile is very summery, its a light fabric but remember because of the fabric's construction, it wrinkles quickly.  Polyester is a cheaper alternative to wool, but it doesn't breathe well, and sometimes it will affect your comfort level.  5. When trying on a suit, wear the shoes that you plan to be wearing with that suit, in that way when you try the pants that will go with your suit, you can see the break level, that is the edge of the pants and how it sits on top of your shoes. Go with a slight to medium break for a more modern effect.