6 Things to eat for a more sexier abs


Flatter and sexier abs doesn't happen overtime, it's a result of regular exercises and portion control fat restrictive diet. Six foods to eat for a more sexier abs:  First, Broccoli prepared using a quick steam method are not only rich in calcium and nutrients, it will also fill the fiber needs in your diet.  Second, Chicken thighs, sliced it up, add a little seasoning so you can actually eat it. Cook it either by steaming, grilling or pan cook with very light sesame oil.  Third, almonds are great source of protein and fiber.  Plus, its so fun to eat.  Fourth, more low carb veggies like kale, lettuce and cucumbers.  Fifth, salmons are rich in Omega 3's, and gives you reasons to go Sushi and Sashimis at your local Japanese restaurant. Sixth, start your morning with a boiled egg. It will not only give you the protein that you need, it also gives a fulfilling feel that can help in controlling your cravings.

FitnessJason VonderheidComment