4 Steps to Control your Anger


Your bf won't admit that he's seeing another person, what's worse you know deep inside that he's lying. So you're so angry, it feels like you're ready to burst and go full drama. The problem is both of you are inside the theater and in the middle of watching this BL feel drama. So what to do next?  First, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, count up to ten as you breathe.  Second, when you open your eyes, look at your bf sitting next to you who probably at that time was not aware of the internal turmoil that you're going through, think of a moment in time where you're both happy and use the key word, "relax" and "happy".  Close your eyes again and this time visualize those two words, think of a beach or a relaxing afternoon where you're just alone by your porch reading your favorite book. Think of a happy event, you and your bf did, like that time when you both surprise your mom during her birthday.  Third, remind yourself that currently, you're both inside the theater, there are people around you that don't deserve to be disturbed if you went on full rage towards your bf. But tell yourself that when the movie's over, maybe you can both stop and have a late night snack at a restaurant or fast food place, and there you can talk to him and express how you really feel.  Fourth, visualize in your mind how you will logically go through with this. Be fair to him, give him the opportunity to explain his side. And also focus on a plan, like where both of you should go from here on. Do you move on and forget about the thing, or do you drag this fact checking, on and on? Communication is very important. Being angry is not a solution but it will just complicate things. However anger can be a healthy behavior, in a sense, it helps you deal with your internal feelings and helps you take action in order to fix these internal turmoils. Managing anger though, is the key to dealing with anger. Consulting with a therapist or Psychologist is also a good step to take, he can help you understand much better the reasons behind your anger and the steps you can take to manage this emotion.