Three red flags that proves you can't live without your phone


So how do you know that you're phone is everything to you, and that you can't live without it?  Three red flags that will reveal these truths:  First, the moment you left your phone at your home even though you'll be late for school, just the thought of that phone sitting by your bedroom desk stirred up a lot of emotions inside you, it made you anxious, to the point that you would rather be late at school than to go there minus your phone. So you turned you car around and head back home, once you got your phone at your pocket, you suddenly have this strong gratifying sense that everything is back to normal, and that you're ok.  Second, it's been weeks since you last hang out with your friends. But hey you just message them yesterday at their Facebook and liked their IG photo.  So does that counts?  Third, you can't engage and sit down with your friends over coffee because your phone is always on your mind. To the point that while talking to them, you're also Instagramming your online friends. You rationalize this by saying you're just multitasking when the truth is, you just can't live without your phone all the time.

TechJason VonderheidComment