4 Simple hacks that you can do with Kiwis


Kiwis are always available, well that is from my experience, I always see them all the time whenever I go to the grocery. So I usually buy them in packs of six, and to be honest, I just peel and eat them. Totally zero idea on what I can do with them. Until a friend showed me how to hack these goodies.  Here's how:  First, you have to peel them the right way. It's quite simple really, just do a less than half inch slice on both ends of the Kiwi, and using a spoon, you need to maneuver it inside the fruit, get as close to the skin as possible, and you'll be surprise, the Kiwi slides off its skin flawlessly.  Second, do a Kiwi Vanilla Basil smoothie, using a blender, throw in a cup of vanilla ice cream, add two Kiwis, sliced and 6 to 8 fresh basil leaves. Add a little bit of milk or cream, blend everything together, serve and enjoy.  Third, Kiwi Mojito.  Prepare your Mojito base, a can of Sprite or 7 UP poured over a chilled tall glass, add two limes, cut into wedges, pressed all the lime juice out, and mix the pressed wedges with the Sprite or 7 up Mojito base. Add your Rum to taste and preference, you can use the regular rum or you can also try using the flavored Bacardi Rum like Mango or Raspberry. Next on another cocktail container, mashed couple of lime leaves with 2 slices of kiwis, add this to your Mojito base and serve over crushed ice, it's really good.  Fourth, add some twist to your next salad, impress your guests, how to do it:  Cut lettuce, slices of tomatoes and cucumber, set aside on your salad plate.  Using your blender, blend in half a cup of ranch salad dressing with two sliced Kiwis, this will be the salad dressing. Serve the dressing on top of the salad, top it off with thin slices of almond nuts, and slices of Kiwis, the sliced almonds are available in most stores.

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