4 Signs your BL feel bf is a mega dramatic


You've been warned before by his friends that your bf is nothing but a mega dramatic guy.  So how do you know that he's a drama king?  Four telltale signs that he is:  One, everything about him is exaggerated.  When he's happy, he's very jumpy, and literally all over the place but when something comes up that he's not fond of, you can literally see him all depressed and he gives you the feel like he was punched at the gut.  Two, everything has to be about him. You can see the spark in his eyes when he's the subject of everyone's attention. When people that hates him starts to pile up, instead of just ignoring the haters as they come with his personality and attitude towards others, he becomes more aggressive towards them, like they don't have the right to hate him. He use this situation to call them out which of course makes things much worse than before.  Three, his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are like his diary. He uses these social media platforms to start fights with people which provokes them even more. He tells all to the point that he's like an open book, and when people comments about things that he's very touchy on, he will use this opportunity to start an argument.  Four, he stresses you a lot because his emotions are so in the extremes that you forgot what it feels to have a normal bf who actually acts normally, but hey you're not perfect yourself, so maybe you can do something about this by sharing your thoughts with him, not that you want to change him, you just want him to realize that its a different situation now, you're part of his life now, which means you now should have a voice or say on things, just as he has a voice and say on things on you as well.