Why you want Yihwa to be your Best Friend


If you've been following Yihwa at PPTV's Bad Romance and Line Tv's Together with Me, she's probably one of your favorite characters. The Thai actress who plays Yihwa totally nailed the role, she delivers a powerful performance and at Together with Me, she complimented the great acting of cutie Knock and Korn.  So why do you want Yihwa to be your Best friend?  For starters, she's very loyal to Korn, she will go out of her way to get to the truth and protect Korn. In Bad Romance, Yihwa became suspicious of Knock's loyalty to Korn, she investigates whether there's something going on between Cho and Knock in order that she can protect Korn for being hurt. In the early scenes of Bad Romance, Korn did not open yet to Yihwa that he and Knock are a couple, so Yihwa told Korn that it's ok to admit what's going on and that she's totally cool with it. Sometimes, its very hard to admit and open up even to your closest friends, and Yihwa made things easier by showing her upfront support for her friend Korn. Yihwa is also very observant, she might be overthinking things sometimes, but it's just her nature. She just wants to know the truth, regardless of what steps she has to take to get to that truth. In the early episodes of Together with Me, Yihwa shows her fun side when she hangs out with her friends at the bar, she's never boring at all, she can be a party girl sometimes, but its all done in the spirit of fun and friendship, that was also the scene where Knock found out that there's a thing called Mew, who is Korn's past love interest. Finally, you want Yihwa to be your best friend because you know you can call her at anytime of the night and she will be there to listen to you regardless whether you called her at that time that she's all covered with stuffs for her facial treament. That's what really counts in friendship, how she connects with you and how she integrate you in her life. Definitely, Yihwa rocks!  Follow all the latest at IG @togetherwithmetheseries