What to do if your bf goes boy crazy


Ok, so you and your bf has this "tell all" agreement. So the other day, he just blurted it out, he finds himself boy crazy these days. And you're like, "You're what?".  He stopped sipping the strawberry shake you bought him as he scans the coffee place. He went like, "See that guy by the end table, I think he's cute, what do you think?"  You looked around, and spotted the guy he's talking about. Your bf has good taste in guys, apparently. So what to do next? Should you panic and go full drama?  Well, that's not a good idea as both of you had a binding agreement of total honesty. Why not view this as just a phase he's going through. Maybe he will turn around, or maybe not.  Who knows, but in time and when he's ready, he will let you know whether he still feels that there's something going on between you. When that happens, you'll be surprised at how you'll react. You will actually find yourself more open to this new change and more forgiving and understanding than usual. After all, you still love the guy even if he's eyeing someone whom you can't compete with. Of course, it hurts. But what can you do? You can't force love. If it's not there, it will never be there.