Laundry Teddy, Scene 6

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Scene 6 is meant to be another funny and interesting scene. The scene starts with Teddy taking an exam. In previous Scenes, Teddy mentioned to Drew that they're classmates at this Micro Chemistry subject. So in this Scene, Drew is also present, as mentioned in previous scenes, Drew sits in front of Teddy.  Teddy did not study for this exam, so he panics when he realized that its actually fill in the blanks type of exam, which means you have to really know the answers. So he looks around and saw this smart classmate sitting next to him who from Teddy's vantage point it seems that he knows what he's doing as he's answering the questions really quickly, so he starts copying his answers. This classmate noticed Teddy copying his answers so he coughed to alert the teacher. The teacher is in her 80's, she's very strict, she moves very slowly. So the teacher got up to check what's going on, Teddy noticed this so he ducked down. That's when he got a clear view of Drew's answer, so he compared his answers from Drew's, he realized that probably Drew was right, so he started copying Drew's answer, when Drew noticed this, he covered his exam paper and not only that, he raised his hand to report Teddy copying from him. So Teddy kicked Drew's chair and gave Drew a "you're reporting me for copying your answers for real look".  Drew is not being mean by doing this, actually, this is Drew's way of showing his flirty side to Teddy.  So this 80 year old teacher suddenly rushed towards Teddy and literally picked Teddy up in the air, his chair included and made Teddy sit in front of the class, Teddy is actually facing the class, next to the teacher's table so she can better monitor Teddy. The whole class laughs, 'cause its really funny to see this frail teacher exerting so much efforts to pick Teddy and his chair up and move Teddy to the front of the class. And this is where Lauren, Teddy's best friend was introduced in the story. She's very pretty, and she's a cheer captain. So Lauren has no idea on what's going on, she immediately grabbed a chair and started talking to Teddy. She was surprised that Drew was actually looking for Teddy. Teddy did not know this. And Lauren felt this strong attraction to Drew, because he's really handsome and Lauren felt special because Drew knew something about her, which is she's Teddy's best friend, the reason why Drew approached her to ask about where Teddy is.  Teddy snapped her back to reality and asked her why she's not taking an exam. So Lauren got up and grabbed an exam paper from the teacher who's a little bit pissed off not only because Lauren showed up late for the exams, but also Teddy caused trouble earlier. So few minutes later, the exam ends. Everybody hands out their exams to the teacher, and that's when Drew gave Teddy a key to his place. At first Teddy thought this is Drew's way of telling him that he can move in anytime or he can visit him anytime, so Teddy's fantasy world that Drew is in love with him kick starts. And Drew snapped him back to reality by telling him that he can just bill him. Teddy thought at that time that Drew is selling himself to him, so Teddy went on defensive that he really doesn't have much money to pay for a night with Drew but he really likes to sleep with him. All the time, Lauren is trying to engage both of them by being involved with the conversation. She can't believe the fact that Drew kissed Teddy and actually ate out with him. Then the funny scene with the teacher returns, she tapped Lauren's shoulder and in front of her she tore her exam papers in half. So of course Lauren complained to Teddy that the teacher is just jealous of her. At this time, Teddy realized what Drew wants. He's hiring him to do his laundry. So Teddy asked Lauren to accompany him to Drew's room. Of course this is the scenario that Lauren had alwaysdreamed of happening to her, to actually have an opportunity to get up close and personal with Drew and going inside his place is a major step in fulfilling Lauren's fantasies on Drew. Her eyes lights up when she realized what Teddy and her was about to do. Teddy has a key to Drew's place.