Laundry Teddy, Scene 5


Scene 5 is a very interesting scene. This is actually the first time that Teddy and Drew officially went out on a date.  Although in the beginning of the scene, Drew is very uncomfortable and totally withdrawn from Teddy, as he really hates to eat out by the side street, not to mention he hates the chicken soup and pork barbecue, he just doesn't trust eating outside. For Teddy, this is something that is normal, he's actually proud that he brought Drew to this food truck. The truck is parked by the street and there are four or five plastic tables and chairs for customers, but their business is more for take outs that is why while Teddy and Drew are eating, of course it's only Teddy who ate the food, there's a steady line of take out customers. So this food truck is pretty popular.  Which revealed that Teddy had thought alot on where to bring Drew. There is one funny scene in Scene 5, it happened when Teddy is trying to prove to Drew that there's really no problem with the food, its actually pretty good, so he throw a chicken leg straight at Drew which Drew catched by impulse, when he realized what it was, he gave a very yucky look at the chicken leg that he was holding. But Drew's attitude took Teddy close to a boiling point, as he tries to imitate Drew's reaction that night, Drew can't resist but to laugh because Teddy did a very funny imitation of him. So when Drew got up, Teddy rushed to finish everything as this is alot of money for Teddy as he paid for this dinner, he's not really wasteful when it comes to eating out. Drew made a joke by telling Teddy that they went out on a date, so Teddy responded to that joke by asking Drew why he wants to leave, as he said, they're on a date, don't he think, they should opt for a dessert after dinner or maybe a walk by the park before heading home. There's a confusing and kinda romantic vibe to this scene, it ends by Drew snatching a sugar candy held by the daughter of a passerby and giving it to Teddy, this is actually Drew's way of telling Teddy, you ask for a desert, so here's the dessert.  But also, Drew in his own way is trying to thank Teddy for the dinner. He did not said it directly but he's very touched at what Teddy had done. It's more than buying him a dinner which he did not liked, nor repaying him for what he did back at the mens room when Teddy was being bullied by Roger, but it actually reflects something about Teddy, he's a kind person and he's very generous.