Three Reasons why you need a Facebook Break


Here are Three reasons why its important to take a break from Facebook.  First, Facebook has many advantages as well as disadvantages by taking a break from Facebook, even for a few days or a week, you can actually get things done minus the social media distraction. Second, by taking a break from Facebook, you will notice that you're more focused with your work and life. The problem with being a heavy user of social media, and this is not only Facebook, is that the person tend to center his focus and life around the life of other people, this results in feelings of envy and jealousy as Facebook like other social media provides a platform where you can directly compare how you live your life with how your friends live theirs.  Third, instead of messaging your real life friends over Facebook, why not give them a call, better still meet them up for coffee or dinner. No social media nor Facetime can replace real life conversations.