Six tips to avoid checking your phone


You came to work today and to your sheer shock, you forgot your phone. So you spend the rest of the day worrying about the updates of your favorite BL Hottie, you became frustrated that everyone in your office are tapping on their phone and updating their Facebook while you on the other hand looks like a total loser as you stare at the monitor and forced yourself to actually work. Don't you think this is a good thing, I mean for the first time in your life, you actually had a phone break. Six tips so you can avoid checking your phone, of course this won't apply to you because guess what, you're still at your office and your phone is back home sitting comfortably by your living room chair.

1.  Don't check your phone when eating. Whether you're at McDonalds, or having a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or just at home eating a slice of delivered Pizza.

2. Train yourself to just check your Facebook only once a day not through out the day. Prioritize your Facebook usage, do you really need to send those messages or doing just one post is enough for the day?

3. Place your phone at the farthest possible room. That means when you're watching your favorite Netflix series with your bf, it reduces the temptation of quickly checking your phone as it involves efforts to get up and go to that room to just pick up your phone and do a quick check.

4. While waiting at the doctor's office, instead of tapping on your phone, keep it secured inside your bag or pocket.  Instead of using your phone, browse the magazines at your doctor office, or start a conversation with a person sitting next to you.

5. Never check your phone while you're in the car. Make it a habit and you'll be surprised that it will become a routine for you. 

6. Don't bring your phone to the gym. This means you can totally focus on getting fit instead of worrying about your incoming text messages and Instagram messages from your friends.

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