Four ways to deal with a backstabber friend


Of course its painful to know that your trusted friend was actually backstabbing you in full force. So what to do now?  Here are four ways to deal with a backstabber friend:  First, you have to do a thorough review of your friendship with this person, if it's worth salvaging the friendship then that means you have to confront this friend and factually talk about the issues and how you felt when you heard the gossip and lies that this friend had spread about you. Learning to forgive a friend is a sign of maturity. But then again, if a friend betrayed your trust, as the saying goes, even a fine china will show some cracks. Second, understand your friend's motives. Most backstabbers are sad, jealous, totally insecure people. You can let this friend know that you're always available if he or she wants to talk about something. Backstabbing you is not the solution for him or her to find happiness. Backstabbing only creates distance in friendship. Third, stay calm all the time. Give your friend the chance to tell the side of the story from his or her perspective. You'll be surprised that maybe you can salvage this friendship that all of the backstabbings that are going on are just results of misunderstandings. After your friend tell his or her side of the story, let him or her know your side and how you wish to move forward. Lastly, this is a Psychological thing. Backstabbers are dealing with deep Psychological issues, sometimes they need Psychological treatments and counseling so they can deal with the internal struggles that they're experiencing.